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I have a undamned usb decoder plus board with a yellow led status. Does anyone know what part has malfunctioned or how to repair this?
I would consult the docs if you can find them, and also I can say a USB A to A cable was recommended from UD to upgrade the devices if/when needed.
May I know how UD-USB Decoders are different from USB2DB15 and CS Ver. for JAMMA/NEO GEO? It appears to me that both perform the same job, which is to bridge usb controller and JAMMA/supergun.
I already did answer you on Discord but to clarify, i think both products do the same when we are talking about use USB controllers and JAMMA/NEOGEO, but with different features.
My USB decoder worked fine since 2016 and now I have an issue with one direction (down) all other stuff works fine.
I succeeded in updating the firmware but I still have the same problem :(
Can someone help me ?
Soo it seems like UD haven't logged in here for two years now, i guess we won't see firmware upgrade anytime soon. Did anyone ever tried to tinker with it ? TBH i would love to see it compatible with newer device like the 8bitdo NG controller ...
I sent him a message here as well as a direct email, no response for over a week.

I’m hoping I can find a bunch of the UD-USB Terminal style PCB’s. I’m in need about 6 of them!
Does anyone have an extra one of his db15 to neo connectors? The db15 to 3do converter needs those to make clearance.
Has anyone had any luck getting there's to work with the 8bitdo NeoGeo controller that was recently released?
looking to buy a couple of these. Anyone have any idea where i can buy a couple?
Will the new firmware be added to the gametech page as well ?