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Did the majority of everyone end up using gasket tape or is that just a nice to have?
Did the majority of everyone end up using gasket tape or is that just a nice to have?
I think it was good to use. Just helps keep things in place and not flush on the glass. Will definitely help if you move your machine around in a line up or travel. No real reason not to use it.
Not actually bought the cab yet, but will be very soon and starting to look for what monitors I might be able to get here in Norway based upon recommendations in here and if it'll actually fit with this monitor bracket!

Up for consideration:
  1. Gigabyte M32Q - 3150kr (used) - 1440p - 165Hz - FreeSync Premium
    Has anyone here put one of these in their cabinet? I've always heard really good things about this line of monitors.
  2. LG 32GP850 - 3490kr - 1440p - 180Hz - FreeSync Premium
    This seems like the second best option, and lots here have used it. A little more expensive.
  3. LG 32UN650-W - 2990kr - 4K - 60Hz - FreeSync
    High resolution for futureproofing, but I think that's probably overkill, ain't it?
  4. LG 32MN500M-B - 2265kr - 1080p - 75Hz - FreeSync
    A little more budget, as these costs are already adding up hella quick, and do I reeeeeally need more than 1080p.
plz help 😄🙏
I would absolutely not bother with all the expense and trouble of this upgrade unless you're running a PC inside the cab and going with a high refresh rate monitor. Your 3 and 4 options are, in my opinion, a waste of effort.

The reason it matters is even at 60fps higher refresh rates reduce input lag, giving you a much more responsive experience. Especially with modern games that tend to lag more than their old PCB arcade counterparts.

You're not going to notice a meaningful difference between 165hz and 180hz, but all things being equal get the highest refresh you can. If you're not going to take advantage of the upgrade you might as well use the stock monitor. Just my take.
I am putting a PC in the build any maybe should have mentioned that, so while I appreciate the insight on why/if I'd want to upgrade the monitor, I'm already set on that and am more looking for specific advice regarding monitors - whether they fit both the Vewlix and bracket and peoples' experience with 'em if any. 😊
pretty much every monitor thats 32" and vesa 100 is compatible. there is a list of confirmed working monitors as well on the site
Can anyone make a recommendation for an LG 32" for a Vewlix AMI L (that fits via this bracket) to use with a TTX3 multi? Trying to keep cost down but not sacrifice lag and features. Thanks.
I am using 32UN650 on my Vewlix. I connected PC and XSX with it and happy with it. If 32" OLED comes out, i will switch.
Anybody care to share their settings for their monitor? I have the LG 32GP850-B
@Hadouken Arcade are pre orders ending soon? i wanted to make sure i got two of them but I also wanted to wait until after the holidays for financial reasons lol
What’s the latest on using Rev C in a Diamond Black or Orange? I saw in the thread that some people have been able to use Rev C successfully in a Diamond, but I see the main change with Rev D is better compatibility with Vewlix Diamond. Does a Rev C just limit monitor choices in a Diamond, or require shenanigans to get everything to fit, or what?

I have a Rev C and a Diamond Orange. I didn’t see the Hadouken compatibility warning until well after my Rev C bracket arrived— either because it wasn’t there or I didn’t read it— so now I’m trying to figure out whether I need to sell the Rev C and get a Rev D.
Finally took the plug and swapped out the hacked SDVX monitor that was pretty beat up with a new LG. Mounting bracket worked great. Took a little more time than I though to get the vertical alignment, but otherwise flawless. Thanks @Hadouken Arcade !
How hard was it to do this? Need to replace my SDVX monitor too!