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The online store will be open till midnight (UTC+01:00), I'm closing it down for February. Thank you for all your orders!

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Thanks for the heads up!
so HAS 5.0 will be up for sale in march or later if I understand correctly? (no pressure, just scheduling expenses around it if I can, because I really want one, man 🤩)
No prob at all, I'm sure as far as we're concerned, we'll all be there whenever it's ready, thanks for the heads up👍
Got mine. Loving it so far!

Had a silly question for you SHMUP vets out there...

Since I'm a noob to this autofire stuff: Some games require that you hold down the fire button to charge up your weapon. If I set button 1 to an autofire rate, I obviously lose the ability to hold it down to charge up a shot.

So, if I have a game that uses 2 buttons (default):
Button 1 = Shot (hold to charge power shot)
Button 2 - Bomb

Can I re-map it using the Reco 5 to:
Button 1 = Rapid fire Shot
Button 2 = (also Shot but NO autofire so that I can hold it to charge power shot.
Button 3 - Bomb

Is there a way to duplicate button 1 to say, button 2 and then button 3 can be the bomb button?


Just wanted to circle back that it was super easy to re-assign the keys and get this working. Menu was intuitive and didn't require me to RTFM at all, which is nice! I was able to re-map button 1 to both buttons 1 & 2. Then I set button 1 to auto-fire and left button 2 alone. Finally, I re-mapped button 3 to be button 2. Now I'm able to auto fire with button 1, hold button 2 down to charge shots and button 3 is bomb. Perfect!

Hoping to get one of the Reco pcb's and the jamma extension harness RGB makes. Any idea on an eta.