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Update: We got orders for 12 monitors in one day, but Taito had only 10 monitors in stock.

Today is a national holiday in Japan. Taito will look for more stock at the various Taitotech locations tomorrow. They will also check the shipping prices to the various customers.

I will come back to you as soon I get news. Until then, new orders are suspended.

Thank you for your understanding.
Any updates?
We managed to get the 12 monitors, and all of them were shipped to buyers in early April. Unfortunately, we were not able to get more as all stocks are depleted. They are now sold out for good. Sorry for not posting an update here.
All good. I figured as much but just wanted to check. :)
What company manufactured these displays if you don't mind me asking? The DB and DO are Disign branded, curious to know what this last model is.